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Hello, I have a inspiron 600m. I replaced the fan and now it will not boot up. Of the 3 lights all will flash once then the middle one will flash 9 times and turn off. I am not sure about the cmos battery but the main battery is shot. I have found both but they have not arrived. Help PLEASE

thanks charles
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  1. I suggest you wait for the replacements to arrive first. Have you tried them out? Same result?
  2. I have recieved them both and have installed them. NO change, I have tried several of dells website forums, nothing works. Any ideas? thanks
  3. OK sorry for the delay i had a job change and getting used to that. any way i have replaced the battery, cmos battery and the CPU fan. Still nothing. I dont think it is the power cord, due to battery is charged up. I am still lost, I am begining to think DELL is a POS. I would really love to eat my words, so far i am right. thanks
  4. Still Not repaired, no one has had this problem or no one has a fix. Thanks
  5. same problem, dc jack was broken and replaced now get the nine flashes and nothing else. have contacted a friend at dell to see if he can give a clue to what to do next.
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