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Hello,I'm having trouble viewing from a receiver with HDMI output with DVI with VGA adapter to projector, now if i use component cables i can view picture but receiver has 4 HDMI inputs with one HDMI output how can I make this work
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  1. hdmi to vga adaptor should do its job, as it was designed to transform one connection to the other.

    this means the adaptor has video and audio digital to analog convertors.. and they are probably lower quality than the bluray player or cable box.

    the hdmi to vga adaptor is a waste of money and a waste of fidelity.
    digital to analog convertor chips quickly demand one adaptor being highly superior to another adaptor.

    since the projector has a vga connector.. you might be able to 'overclock' the projector to get a higher quality result by using the 'powerstrip' software.
    vga carrys the horizontal and vertical sync signal.. and if you refer to your projector specifications, you might find the scanning to be lower than what the projector can handle.
    what this means is.. the scanning can be increased and that could mean stronger colors or deeper blacks or more fluid motion or even higher detail.

    when there is 1280 x 720 pixels on the screen.. that doesnt mean those pixels are constantly on the screen.
    they are presented by the refresh rate, and the refresh rate is like a strobe light.
    if you turn that strobe light up, you should notice an improvement (especially when the rate of the strobe is really on the lowest refresh rate)

    when you turn up the strobe light..
    its comparable to each of the following:
    - increasing the refresh rate on a CRT
    - decreasing the response time of an LCD

    ya never know.. you might make the projector's visual results worth another $500
    but dont turn it up too high, overclocking something can cause it to break.
    PC users have been learning this when they overclock their CPU's and motherboards.
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