How to recover my photos from my virus memory stick


this is chandrasekhar.i have aproblem with my sony cybershot camera.some of photos opening in camera but not in my pc.please help me to recover my photos from my virus memory stick.pleasa mail me the solution on my email id.

my email id -

Please do the need full,

Chandra Sekhar.
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  1. As everyone mentioned above, you can try a photo recovery tool. I know there is a free photo recovery tool that has ever restored all contacts of my brother from his accidentally formatted memory card of his Samsung phone. I am there, too. It is really worth trying. You should give yourself and this freeware a chance:
    In the future, you should do regular anti-virus scan in case of similar problems.
    You also should keep a regular backup of everything important all the time.
  2. I had gone through your post. I would like to produce a small suggestion of mine in the post as follows:
    Check to see if photos are stored on the camera's internal memory.
    -Try plugging the memory card into the computer's built in card reader
    -Try plugging the memory card into an external card reader
    -Try plugging the memory card into an external card reader with another computer [Windows XP] (no pictures)
    -Right click the memory card and check properties when plugged into either the built in card reader or an external card reader (3.32GB used, 406MB free in both cases)
    -Scan the card with a memory card undelete program [UndeletePlus] - shows 4 files only, hidden files . In case if it fails we may also follow the other method as follows
    -Scan the memory card with MS Security Essentials (this shows the file path of all the photos as E:\DCIM\101MSDCF\photos.jpg)
    Open "cmd", type e:\
    Ok. No files or folders apparently. dir => "File Not Found"
    "cd DCIM" works (!), "dir" => 101MSCDF is a folder option. then, Proceed to copy all folders off the card to the computer.
    Hope this will be helpful for you.

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  3. ya.. got it !
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