Intel Core 2 Duo P8700 vs. Intel Core i7 720QM

I was looking at 2 ASUS laptop's with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260M and 15in.
The ASUS G Series G51Vx-X3A $1099 newegg and ASUS G Series G51J-A1 $1499 newegg .
Is $400.00 a good upgrade for the I7 CPU?

Does anyone know of a good Laptop with good grapihcs in a 15in laptop and 2 harddrives would be nice as well, even if I need to purchase a harddrive caddy?

I have looked at several different video cards I think the nvidia GTX 260m and the 280 are the top for nvidia.
ATI the top is 5870 not sure what the second top is for ATI? is there a better choose than the GTX 260m on the ATI side for second best...
The other problem is finding a laptop with a good ATI card in my price range and in 15in... I have around $1500.00 unless there is a really good deal..
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  1. Between P8700 and i7 720,i7 model is faster and worth the money.
    HD 5870's final specs aren't out yet(but its said it will perform like a desktop HD 5750) but HD 4850 and HD 4870 mobility are compareable to GTX 260M and GTX 280M.
    ASUS G51J is a good laptop but i have seen lots of users with BSOD problems,so you may want to take a look at AW M15x too
  2. Does anyone know if a 15" laptop comes with a ATI HD 5870? and hopefully 2 hard drive slots?
  3. No one knows because the only laptop which supports HD 5870 is currently ASUS G73
  4. Asus N61JQ is very good machine under 1,000.00 has INTEL Core i7 720QM and ATI 5730
  5. i7 720QM can do more per ghz
  6. dont forget i7 has 2 huuuge downsides: Heats up A LOT (95C normally under load while turboboosted), and eats a lot of batterie. About the Hd 5870 or the gtx 2xxM, id wait for the nvidia mobility 4xx (basicly cus u get dx11 and physx in the same card)
    Asus can give you diffrent versions of same model when it comes to the HDDs, so that would be NP. i got a P7350 with a OC button taht gets me 2.4Ghz (only works while pluged in into power) 4 gb ram and a 4670. I wanted myself to change it for something better, like a 5780+i5, but i decided to wait at least 1 more generation in both cpu and gpu, since those BSOD from asus are basicly heat related, and many otehr manufacturers have the same problem, only they melt quite fast. The only company that seems to be dealing with this effectivly is Toshiba, at least thats what i heard.
    So whats better? I7 or P8700? well, depends what you want the laptop for, and how you expect to keep it from melting.
  7. I definitely agree with Cats_paw.

    I have red a lot of posts in the internet about overheating high-end laptops. Even middle range laptop can heat up a bit without additional cooling. My advice is buy a laptop for mobility and a PC for high-end gaming or anything else that you need.

    P.S. Cats_paw isn't your laptop MSI-gx623, and what opinion about it are you?
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