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I looked around, but can't really find any solid answers. Basically, I have 3 TV's in my house. Two of them have HD boxes from Comcast. My TV upstairs is just plugged into the the wall. I used to get the channels I wanted (A&E, FSN Detroit, ESPN, stuff like that). Once the switch over happened, all I get is crap (mostly local, best I can get is TBS). Is there anything I can buy over the counter to get more channels, or do I have to pay the extra $10 a month from Comcast? The TV is a newer Vizio (about 1 1/2 years old). Thanks for any help.
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  1. so you are saying that comcast changed their pricing plans and now those channels aren't included in your subscription service anymore?

    or are you trying to say that your upstairs tv (without the box) used to get channels that your other tvs do but now doesn't?
  2. @ ssddx - I think the OP is stating that since Comcast started encrypting their non-basic channels, s/he's been losing the channels they want "(A&E, FSN Detroit, ESPN, stuff like that)". That would be due to the fact that there is no Set Top Box for the TV upstairs.

    @ xmartyx - The simple answer is no, you have to pay the extra $10/month to Comcast for the third set top box. The long answer is "Maybe" and that will take probably a lot of phone calls with Comcast just to make sure that you understand all of the specifications you need in a purchased set top box *and* get assurances from Comcast that once you purchase and connect a set top box, they'll activate it. If they decline to activate your own set top box for any reason, you just bought a paper weight.

    -Wolf sends
  3. Wolfshadw hit it right on the head. Thank you for the info.
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