Check my speakers power slow

how can i increase my 2.0 speaker sound.i know my speaker can perform better sound but when i full up my speaker sound so my speaker give me bad sound please help me!
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  1. what spaekers do you have?
  2. double click the speaker icon in the lower right hand of the screen
    lower the volume of the computer
    raise the speaker volume control
    if the computer volume is too high, the speakers will sound distorted.
  3. i read off somewhere that 100% volume of the system, is teh unfiltered setting, this applies only to windows xp, because of its hardware audio. im not so sure for windows vista and 7.
  4. There are 3 controls that your you should match, one is the source; must be set to 75% to 80% volume, second is your computer master volume should start at 50% and third is your speakers must be set to 30% volume to start then start increasing it up to 75% anything higher may result the sound to be distorted, unless your speakers are a "very high quality speaker system". Increase all volume controls later up to thier optimum level if permits.

    Problem with computer though is that, the driver may have not install properly or other settings are on in effect. Disable all sound enhancements you have on under sound properties.
  5. my speaker never has distorted when i put all the volume on 100%
    first back in 2005 logitech z4
    second logitech z-2300
    third m-audio av40
    now razer mako
  6. and i woldnt consider any of them as a very high quality speaker system.

    as ui have sed i read in an article of somewhere, mentioning that the system volume on 100% is the level where no filtering is applied.
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