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my laptop has a black screen when i turn it on and displays bootmgr is missing press ctrl+alt+del to restart but when i do it nothing happens
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  1. This is what happens when th boot sector gets fizzled. Try booting off on a Windows XP disk and opening system repair (The one that drops you to a dos prompt) type fixboot and press enter then type fixmbr press enter then chkdsk c: press enter this might take a while. Then reboot and cross your fingers... Also could be a bad hard drive.. Good Luck

  2. ctrl+alt+del prly reboots ur PC right?

    sounds like the boot sector is corrupt.

    You can try repairing the drive's boot sector with a windows disk.
  3. F8 @ boot screen then choose repair Windows. If you are running earlier build than W7 you will need an install disk, on W7 it is built in.
  4. Investigate the "fixmbr" option online. There may be a few boot discs that can solve this. It didn't work when I tried the Windows Restore Disc but you should try that first (fix common boot problems).

    I fixed it back on XP with a BartPE disc.

    If you have a spare hard drive, there's a complicate option if you get stuck which involves creating an backing up the MBR file, then restoring it:

    1) reinstall Windows (don't activate. No need to update.)
    2) Install Acronis True Image (Seagate and WD have free versions. Must have one of their internal or USB drives attached).

    3) Do a backup (can backup just the MBR)
    4) Create a BOOT DISC for Acronis from within Windows.

    5) reattach the original drive ONLY.
    6) boot to the Acronis CD (BIOS boot order must have CD first before Hard Drive)

    7) RESTORE the MBR only.

    The above is the actual Windows Recovery method.
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