Driver for Intel CS330 Web Cam

Need a driver for this old camera that works with Vista 64.

Thanks, Neal
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  1. It's an old camera, you want to use it with Vista 64 which is a minority operating system.

    While Intel cameras usually work with Windows' inbuilt drivers maybe you are being a bit optimistic here.

    Given the low price of these items surely it would be more time-effective to look for a new one which claims to work with 64.

    You might have a look at Driverguide, but bear in mind they started charging for downloads a few years ago.
  2. I like how people ask a simple question then get a total different answer.

    He asked where to get a driver, not to replace his webcam.

    Extract the official xp drivers to a directory then manually detect driver to use the cam with vista.

    File includes 98/2000/ME/XP
  3. could you pls write down d link to download intel cs330 web cam driver for windows 7.

    thnks, Nanz
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