Connecting a ps3 with a pc monitor.

Boxing day is approaching and i wanted to get a PS3 to connect to my 52" Bravia; I am going to this via a HDMI cable, so no problem there. Sometimes I would also like to just have it in my room and connect it to my Pc monitor. I have the HP w2007 monitor and found that it is HDCP compatible (via: I Do not have a tv tuner and i know that my monitor doesn't have HDMI input, therefore i am going to use a HDMI to DVI converter, but the question is how do i get the sound?
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  1. Set your PS3 audio to output in one of the other formats (optical or analog) and plug that into your PC's audio inputs.

    If your PC does not have audio inputs, you'll need to get an audio card that does.
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