Wavy lines on laptop screen problem

I have a hp dv6000. My son closed the lid firmly. Next time I booted it, the screen had wavy lines on it. Sometimes its hard to read print (especially color on color).
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  1. The lines are multicolored (like an oil slick).
  2. Sounds like a graphics card problem? Does your laptop use a NVidia Graphics card, I know HP had allot of problems with NVidia graphics cards heating up and failing in there DV machines and I know for a fact the Dv6000 was affected by this issue.

    Read this link, it gives your more info: http://news.cnet.com/8301-13924_3-10000910-64.html

    This problem was back in 2007 and HP offered to pay half for repairs but doubt they will now, unless you have warranty?
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