Desktop Drop and Drag files has been frozen and and icons can not be r

Hi , I have a Major issue , My desktop view has some folders and Icons on the Desktop which i use and i can not re-arrange and move them as stay fixed dotted all over my screen view or delete files on desktop in any method like drop and drag to recycle bin allseems frozen then i some times turn PC on and eveything on desktops frozen then i rebboot and can use but the icons remain fixe and unmovable in tradition drop and drag as you can grab but go straight back to the desktop postions , This is frustrating as have so many on screen now and i have used Mr fix windowsSafe mode attempts and MSConfig but i read Forums and this started in Xp and Vista as i am running W7 proffesional but is there a simple fix as i believe is a setting thats set wrong any guidence is so appreciated as this has been over 2 mths can not find a answer to why? ,

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  1. There are numerous possible explanations for this. As a first step I would try restarting your computer in Safe Mode and trying to delete or move icons that way. If you can do that successfully then it is likely to be either a corrupt windows registry entry or even more likely some third party software running in the background on your computer at start up. To further diagnose this, you can open msconfig and disable all unnecessary start-up apps and see if that helps. I hope this helps get you pointed in the right direction. Cheers! :)
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