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In upcoming month, I want to buy a full HD 3DTV, as I love to play games a lot, so this time I’ve decided to buy a good 3D TV and want to enjoy the real taste of 3D games in full HD 3DTV.

Friends, suggest me the brand for the same concern & please let me know that LG’s 3D TV has a full HD mode or not, as I am not sure about the this option in LG new 3D TV.
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  1. A 3D HDTV operates differently from a 120Hz PC monitor that can used for 3D gaming.

    HDTVs only accepts 60Hz input while a 120Hz PC monitor can accept 120Hz input. That means playing games in 2D mode will be limited to 60 frames per second on a HDTV and 120 frames per second on a 120Hz PC monitor. Cut that in half for 3D gaming since each eye will only receive half of the frames.

    Also, on a HDTV you should always set it to "Game Mode" or 60Hz. Otherwise, the HDTV will create an insert interpolated frames. This is good for movies and videos since it makes the playback look smoother, but it is bad for games because it creates input lag.
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