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Hi all,

I've been looking around trying to find a replacement for my current headset, a $15 piece of crap from CVS.

I'm at a loss for which headset to buy, and I'm attaching a poll for easy voting. Please write your opinions on your vote below., maybe I'm not. It's not working atm.

Anyway, I can't decide between these headsets

Razer Barracuda
Logitech G35
Siberia V2
Tritton AX51 Pro

I'd prefer to spend less than 100, and I've found deals over the interwebs that give me these sets for sub 100.

Which is best and why?

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  1. I dont mean to make your choice more difficult but I have gone through sevral gaming headsets and it took forever to find one that had great sound, mic sound and a great build quality that was actually made for a mans head. (most by far are undersized for an adults head and ears, they arent comfy) the set i finaly got that i still have and love is the Sennheiser pc350. as far as the choices you posted i have used the logictech g35 and the audio is not what it cracks upto be. sure as hell isnt real 7.1, not even close...the mic isnt to great either (according to my friends on ventrilo)also im just not a fan of usb headsets...durring gaming from my personal experiences they can get a lil laggy. I have also used the ax51pro and they are pretty good, they are comfy and the sound is ok, mic is ok...i used the analog version since i dont like usb headsets.
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