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Hi, I have an hp pavilion 8670 c. 600mhz PIII 64MB ram,standard asus mobo,regular sound card, 32mb ati rage fury pro vid card, nic,56kmodem, burner and dvdrom,30gb and 40gb hd,no floppy. SOMETIMES when i start the computer it powers up but nothing happens... i hear it access the Hard drive for a short time then nothing happens. I have to turn the computer off and on several times until it boots. Sometimes it doesnt boot 30 times in a row... sometimes on the second try. Normally when it boots there is a beep but i dont get anything... just sits there with no feed to the monitor or anything. When it does boot it works flawlessly.... no crashes/freezes/bluescreens or anything... i have no clue what the problem could be... any help would be appreciated. thanks.
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  1. As soon as you read this, go to work backing up all of your data that you don't want to loose. Make a hard copy on cdr or cdrw of the stuff you REALLY don't want to loose. I recomend a 1:1 compression for critical documents. Test your backup before proceeding, sometimes they do not restore properly.
    The problem may be caused by the following:
    The battery on your motherboard has died, and loses the cmos data.
    Your hard drive has developed bad sectors. A re-format may help temporarily, but don't trust it anymore. Time to get a new drive. Check your warranty, many are 3 yrs.
    It could be a virus. Get a good virus software and keep it updated.
    Not indicated in your post, but what was the last hardware or software you installed before this started?
  2. i just upgraded from a PIII 1gHz, 192mb RAM, TnT2M64, 30gig hdd, TO a PIII 1gHz, 448mb RAM, gf4Ti4200 128mb RAM, 30gig hdd. in other words, same processer, same hard drive, same floppy, same cd-rw, added RAM, new case, new mobo, new vid card, new sound card. i used the hard drive just b4 i took it out, worked fine. after i built the new comp, all it would do is turn on:( wouldn't boot, the fans work fine(PIII and vid) and the cd-rw and hdd fire up, everything is connected just fine, but nothing happens!i have tried 2 different grfx cards and 3 different moniters. my friend is going to look at itin a few days so i hope i don't need any help, but until he looks at it, any suggestions other than get a hdd.
  3. I've this problem too and after a series of diagnosis, the problem is my POWER SUPPLY! This baby may not be able to pump up your system.

    Plug & Play? How about Plug & Pray!
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