Stereo speakers and a pc? will it work!

ok im hoping that i have the right part of the forums to ask this if not im sorry! haha and please forgive all spelling errors :)

anyways i recently got a free pair of stereo speakers, the steroe part of it with the controls and stuff was broken and my friends were gonna just chuck the speakers and i was like ill take em (y not right?) and im now wondering if there is a CHEAP way to hook them up to my pc? i realize that my soundcard might not b able to handle puttin out anything to loud and if thats the case then ill just put the speakers in the garage to b thrown away in a couple years haha, i put up some pics of the speakers
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  1. Sounds like you need an amplifier for those speakers.
  2. you have to make a stereo mini plug to RCA cable, you can buy that at radio shack. Then you need a stereo amplifier, and speaker wires. Then it could work.
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