Viewsonic: Got it open what next?

Hello all

I have a Viewsonic VE710B that slowy started to turn off by it self/wouldn't wake up from screen saver mode. The screen would stay black but would have the green light blinking. Now it's nothing, sometimes It will breifly turn on then off.

Heard the Caps were a prime suspect so I dug in.
Caps look okay too me all flat at the top.
How can I test the fuse and caps with a multimeter?

Heres some pics of what I working with...

What are my options on trouble shooting/fixing this LCD?
Iv'e seen a page with someone attaching a old cheap PSU from a computer to on the back of the LCD.

Wires from PSU to small board in LCD (analog board?)
2 Black
2 Red
1 Blue
1 Orange
1 Yellow

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  1. I'd replace the two Caps by the heatsink by the yellow coloured component. The PSU board on yours is slightly different from the Viewsonics I fixed recently but that'd be my guess.

    To be safe you might replace the other two of the same size (they are probably the same spec). Capacitors are cheap.

    Check the specs (printed on the plastic wrap) or take one of each type to a decent electronics hobby store, they'll guide you -- I bought ones of a slightly higher voltage.

    The most useful tool (aside from a soldering iron) is a simple desolder pump. You don't need a meter.
  2. Thank you...fihart!! :hello:

    When I looked at it again last night, some did seem more rounded than others. Very slight but it was enough to make me think twice.

    This seems to be the cheapest place to start. Should I just replace them all?

    Gonna check the pump out too.

    Also hooked up a tester to one of the red wires, expecting a 12v reading.
    But it sykrocketed and even when I flipped it off it took along time to reach zero.

    Thanks again,
  3. The faulty capacitors were 16 volts Elite brand.

    Bulging is usually at the aluminium cap end -- but on the two Viewsonics I fixed a cap was bulging on one but the other monitor's board appeared perfect. Replaced the two caps as described, both monitors worked immediately.

    The symptoms on these were that the screen would come on normally at boot up but within a minute went dark -- perhaps the screen illumination, perhaps went into stand-by.

    As I said caps are cheap, to save making another journey I bought more than I thought I needed.

    Solder pump is the only sensible way to remove components -- saves damage to the board. Basically, draw out the hot solder. Wait while the board cools and then waggle the component -- will usually break any remaining connection.
  4. Cool can't wait to fix this !!

    What about the white non see-thru fuse (T 2.5AH/250V)? They ever break too?

    Seen a pump for 20+ will this work ?


    2 16v 1500uF
    1 35v 100uF
    2 10v 1500uF
    1 10v 1000uF
    2 16v 470uF

    Prolly get 2 or 3 sets of this.

  5. fihart

    Do you know where I can get a wiring diagram and a troubleshooting guide or a site I can start to search for one at?

  6. I'd start by just replacing the 10v 1000 or 16v 1500 see what happens.

    The issue lay with 16v 1000 failures on mine and other Viewsonic monitors that failed -- Google and see.

    You don't need to replace the big cap or, probably, the tiny ones.

    If you can detach one end of the fuse you can test it with a meter -- but chances are it's okay or the monitor would be totally dead.

    If you've got the sort of shop that sells loose components they'll probably have an opinion about the best solder pump -- mine was under £10 Sterling ($15).
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