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The motherboard is part of the screen?

:cry: i have an hp dv7 the screen just cracked for no reason its about 4months out of warrenty so took to local repair shop said it was fine just needed monitor so paid 200 and after trying 4 screens he nows says its the motherboard,does anyone know or have had this problemand what should i do?
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    Where you getting a display on the screen even though it was cracked? And you're talking about a physical crack not lines of colors going across the screen without any damage to the LCD?

    If the screen was just cracked and you had an image, it's not the motherboard. Or at least was not the motherboard when you brought it in, could have broken while he was working on it. Video card and/or motherboard issues will show as funny colors or no display, nothing happening when you try to turn on the laptop, things like that. You can try to run the laptop with an external monitor, if you get a display on that, it's not the motherboard.
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  3. thank you this was very helpful and ya it was only cracked i was surfing the web right before i dropped it off at repair shop he even tried to trade with then all the sudden he cant get a screen to work and says its motherboard but what do ya do guess im stuck with it.
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