When connecting computer to 60" tv, it doesn't fill the whole tv.

I connect my computer to my 60" down stairs and the computer desktop portion only fills up about 80% of the whole LCD TV. When playing movies on windows media player the same thing happens. Basically it's not using the whole LCD TV screen size.

I do use a regular VGA cable since my tv doesn't have a DVI connection. Could the VGA cable be the limiting factor? I haven't tried HDMI connection yet since the computer I use for the TV(onboard video card) doesn't have a HDMI connection.

This happens on both my computers.

One uses a GTX 260 and the other one uses some old onboard video card.

My LCD tv is a 1080i

The max resolution is something like 1360x768
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  1. Alright no replies from anyone so I'll just reply to myself.

    I just figured out the problem. I was using a regular VGA cable to connect to my LCD TV. I then purchased a new cable that had HDMI on one end and DVI on the other. I used that to connect to the TV and it solved the issue.

    The computer desktop now fit the entire screen. Not only that, it is now using 1920x1080 resolution. I had to mess around with the TV screen a bit moving the view space around for the desktop to fit, but now it works.

    In short, VGA Cable caused the problem. Getting a HDMI cable fixed the problem.
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