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I have a life of hard copy photos of family I 'm trying to get them onto disc and computer for easy upload to digital picture framesI have an hp photosmart program and windows vista on my computer, hp will let me organize them with TAGS BUT, when i try to copy to disc or sd card it wont . It wants to make a programed disk like the frames are going to do or offer prints. my windows on the other hand saves the ones i downloaded from sd cards to and is what is currently in my computer but, in folders that all show the same icon. u have to individually select each one to see what it is! I,m not going to scan new pic's to either of these programs unless i can direct my computer to put them some where that i can go to and copy to sd card or disc once their organized. Scanning 1 photo in at a time will take forever also!!!! Is there a fast way to get this done? i guess by xmas is out of the question? :pt1cable: :pt1cable:
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  1. I can't quite understand what you're saying about storing the images.

    I'll stick to the point about scanning (which is also rather confusing, by the way)

    Are you talking about scanning old photos that are on film negative and on prints ?
    If so you can use a flatbed scanner (Canon, Epson are the usual choice) which has an adapter for negs and slides.

    It's tedious and there are bureaus which will do it for you fairly cheaply and return them on CD or DVD. Visit a decent photographic shop and ask.
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