Rear Channels on Z-5500 not working - any suggestions?

Hey all,

I have hooked up my Z-5500 to the TV via a ridiculous patchwork method, and now the back channels don't get any sound on the 6 channel direct mode. Now, here's how I connected everything (feel free to laugh :)

Z-5500 connected to Creative X-fi surround (via the set of three analog cables). The X-fi surround is connected to a laptop running Windows 7. The laptop is connected to an HDTV for video output.

Now, I know nothing is defective because I could get sound out of the rear channels on this very set up (in 6 channel direct mode) only a few hours ago (only difference was the laptop - everything was then connected to my desktop PC running Vista).

I've made sure to enable 5.1 sound on my laptop. All drivers are installed for the X-fi surround.

The rear channels will work, but only when I use the pro logic II surround sound simulator built into the Z-5500 control box. I don't want to use the simulated surround - if possible I'd like to use the 6 channel direct (and I don't see why I shouldn't be able to as it was working fine only 3 hours ago.)

Any ideas???

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  1. Ah, nevermind. A restart of windows did the trick!
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