Ati 4670 best res lcd?

im in the market to replace my aging compaq 17 crt got a ati 4670 recently had wondering what type of res i should be looking for? i have a low budget 150-175 and want atleast a 20 in lcd but really want more of a better overall viewing experince more than screen size. so my question is with this card should i get a 1920x1080 or 1650x1050? i have dvi hdmi and vga so connection arent a concern but hdmi would be cool i guess not needed though. i play games and watch hulu/netflix no work is done on my pc all play. lets here some suggestion

amd phemon II 710 [4th core unlocked oc to 2.9ghz
3 gig ram
gigabyte micro atx board
rosewill 400w ps
powerspec case
ati 4670 1gig gpu
w7 ultimate
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    1650x1050 is the recommended resolution. It can handle higher but you'll have frame rate difficulties with demanding games.

    Acer X223WDbd - $169.99
  2. thanks a bunch can i ask though were did you find the recommend resolution? i must have over looked it somewhere?
  3. That's from experience and knowledge of the performance of all graphics cards. You probably won't find a recommended resolution from the actual card vendors, just the maximum resolution (of which is 2560 x 1600).
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