Sony bravia problem with VGA connector.

Hi guys, simple problem, but didnt find how to solve it:

Tv model: Sony Bravia EX7 32".
Conection type: VGA.
Laptop OS: win7.

So, mainly when i conect the laptop my catalyst detects the tv as a CRT monitor with 0 compatibilities.

Important to note, with a LG tv, it works quite easy. Its a problem especially becouse when i look for the external input, in the LG tv there is a VGA option, but in the bravia there is only PC.

Things i tried already: resolutions changes, or automatic resolution for the HDTV input. HDMI works well,but i dont know how to save the config on the PC.

Any ideas?.
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  1. well it is a problem.. and that is always an ugly thing.

    could be the vga port on the television is broken (bad solder or if there is any 'hand shake' device)
    the fact that your video card detected something at all means there is apparently some sort of connection detected.
    maybe the video card is the problem.
    maybe it is the video card drivers that is the problem.
    maybe it is the vga cord that is the problem.

    if the problem isnt physical.. then the answer lies somewhere in the hand shake of the two devices.

    i read once that an lcd had similar vertical and horizontal refresh rates that compare to a crt.. and maybe that indicates the video card or video card driver is the problem.

    you need to try different video card drivers
    a different video card
    a different cord
    then start blaming the television.

    when you buy a different video card.. maybe purchase from a different manufacturer.
    that might mean the manufacturer of the ati/amd video card
    it might mean trying an nvidia graphics card

    the combinations are high, leading to a frenzy of things to try to find a solution.
    video card drivers are free and you dont have to do much.. so that should be the first thing to try.

    remember, using a program like 'driver sweeper' can clean the remains of the video card driver left behind after the uninstall process.
    it has been said countless times that using the program to clean out the extra information of the driver before installing the new one can really benefit the new install of video card drivers.
    i have found this to be true myself.
  2. I tested the PC with another tv (LG brand) and there i had the option to choose a VGA conector np.
    Tried diffrent drivers AND laptops (i have 8 laptops at work, 3 brands and 2 types of gpus.
  3. well.. you didnt say if the LG was using vga or something different.

    when that is the case, the LG working with the vga output and the sony does not, you need to point your attention towards the television.

    saying that the sony was reported as a CRT doesnt sound healthy at all.
    maybe the software inside the sony needs to be re-flashed.
    maybe the connector has a problem.

    your best option is to ask sony directly.
    they probably have an answer for 'no input detected' on there website if you search for the model number of the television.
    i think you need to type in the model number and then choose 'support' on the left.
    it might be FAQ or user manual.
    if there is no frequently asked questions, you can always look at the user manual towards the end to find troubleshooting tips and answers.
  4. manual is very very poor, and acorgind to most forums i searched this for, its a problem that is "solved" most times by using HDMI instead, wich would be extra costs for the company so id rather avoid it.
    Sonys answer is the basic things ive already done = update software, change to HDMI, lower resolution in the "second monitor", try in safe mode.

    Also note that when i conect the VGA to the sony tv, in catalyst everything is "non compatible" and automatic settings simply are not doing anything.
  5. i dont know what to tell you.

    my sony crt has a DVI connector.. but it says it is not to be used with a PC, and i am guessing there is either a resistance mis-match or a frequency mis-match (or both).

    it is a little harder in your situation, since you said the television says 'PC mode'
    but maybe the vga input isnt on the list for 'PC input' ?

    hdmi cables can be found for the same price of a vga cable.
    i suppose it could be true that you already have a bunch of vga cables and any further buying is considered a cost to the company.

    what is keeping you from selling the vga cables you already have and trying to find some hdmi cables in a bulk package?
    what is keeping you from returning the sony for a different model or brand name?
  6. Sorry i missworte.
    The Tv has the following options when it comes to external inputs:
    HDMI 1,2,3,4
    Avi1,2 (euroconector is also called here)
    AV3 (one audio type cable picture)
    Component ( 3 audio type calbes in picture)
    PC (picture of a laptop)

    In the LG, there was a RGB input and had the picture of a VGA Entrance.
  7. i would say this..

    if the sony is new, exchange it for a different television.. either a different model or a differernt brand name.
    because taking it to an electronics repair person for them to make the connection work, and work safe, is going to cost more than ONE hdmi cable.

    in the future, you would know to stay away from that sony television.. and to try the video input before the 90 day return policy is over (maybe 30 days? )

    with the constraints of time, the vga connection might not work for a good reason.
    and if you ever need to buy more televisions in the future, maybe you could ask the sales person to connect a vga connection to the television to be certain it works before you buy the television.

    i just dont see how one hdmi cable is going to ruin everything when you can plan ahead for the next time.
    yes, it might look 'unprofessional' to have one hdmi and the rest vga.
    and for that, you might consider 'buying' the television from the company and bring it home for yourself?
    sell the television in the local paper and go grab a different one.

    most of the video cards have the component option with an included adaptor.
    rca cables are generally easy to find.. might be cheaper than the hdmi cable, and could be an alternative.

    if you are running multiple televisions cloned with a vga distribution amplifier, then i apologize for what i have said, somewhat.
    as i could see that the hdmi connection would ruin the distribution system.
    otherwise, going to the electronics repair shop could easily prove to be more money than using a different input.

    i still stand by why the vga input might not be working.
    i would like to say 'dont worry about it and continue to use the television'
    if one section is dead, it could be causing stress on another section of the circuit board.. leading to premature failure.
    maybe this is true, and maybe it is true only when you are trying to force the vga connection to work without modifying the vga input circuit.
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