Am I buying the right parts?

I'm trying to put together a pc and I want to know if i'm buying the right parts. This is what I want.

Tyan Tiger MPX S2466N S2466N-4M S2466 M/B
(2) 512 MB PC2100 DDR
(1) AMD Athlon MP-2000
(1) AMD Athlon MP 1900 (or could I buy another MP 2000?)
(2) 120 gig IDE HDs (My old HDs)
Sound Blaster Live
GeForce4 Ti 4600 128MB DDR
8011 ATX Server Computer Case 400W
Running Win Xp
Will this work? Thank you
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  1. Looks okay to me. You only have usb 1.1 though....

    As far as the processors, I don't know of anything holding you back from using twin cpu's with this board.

    However, If I may ask, what are you going to be using this system for?

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  2. Can´t really comment if these are the right parts if you don´t explain how you intend on using your PC...

    The GF4 Ti4600 suggests you´re into games... Beware of the AMD760MP chipset, it isn´t really efficient for that. For what reason do you want a dual cpu system, if I may ask? Use lots of apps at once, or rendering?

    Also, I think dual processors only work with cpus of the same model, i.e. not 2000+ and 1900+. Don´t know if that´s what you meant, though... But if it is, I don´t think it´s possible.
  3. I want to use it for video games.
    I didnt know if I could use two AMD 2Ghz chips or not.
    In most set ups I seen have a 2Ghz chip and a 1.9Ghz Chip

  4. Dude. In most cases, dual-processors are not that great for games. Good for running a server, maybe.

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  5. For a while I was considering a dual-cpu solution before I ended up with my current system. What turned me off were the following:

    - lack of performance gain in games
    - lack of support for PC2700+ ram
    - lack of 32-bit PCI slots (most have 2 or 3)
    - lack of onboard features (which is why I went for the Asus in any case)
    - I would actually have a faster system for the same price with a single-cpu solution

    What was a major turn-off was the PCI issue. I have a PCI-IDE adapter, would have had to install a NIC, soundcard, and my tv-tuner card. There's four already. The fact that all the dual-cpu boards I saw didn't even have onboard nic just changed my mind completely.

    So, unless you're running a server or need amazing multi-tasking ability without worries about peripherals such as soundcards (as youy may need to put a nic in there instead of something else), I recommend a fast cpu/ram solution.

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