Disk volume errors detected windows 7

hi mate i keep geting this poping up on scan my speed is dead shoud be at 16Mbs , its at 157kbs it slowing every thing i think . i have a new modem router a netcom nb604n
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  1. Er is this disk error or network error??

    Had u try to measure the speed at your local test server or public one like speedtest.org

    Speed will vary each time depends of the network workload or the end server capabilities
  2. says .C:\Windows\assembly\temp\XCIG1RFQX\CLI.Componment.client.shared.Private.DLL Error:the file or directory is corrupt.
    and C:\Windows\assembly\temp\YQ0VHT48T\CLI.Xomponent.Runtime.DLL Error:the file or directory is corrupt.
    and C:\Windows\bootstat.dat Error:the file or directory is corrupt.
    My server speed test syays speed is at 12Mbps
  3. try run full disk check for searching bad sector (scandisk /r)...

    CLI is mostly used for old ati driver, try remove the old driver and reinstall the new ones..

    for the speed i think 12 from 16 is quite good even it not as the ISP promised... (this indicate the network not the main problems)
    u may wanna check/test again later times when not rush hour to see if there is an improvement...
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