Hp error code 90020303

does anyone know how to fix this error code????
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  1. vetnut88 said:
    does anyone know how to fix this error code????

    Do the blot test on the color cartridge.

    Remove cartridge from machine, fold a paper towel back over a couple of times so it is about 4 layers thick, shake cartridge up and down hard, shake over a sink unless you want to clean ink off the floor.

    Now blot the nozzles of the cartridge on the paper towel, you should see three colored stripes, if you don't have all three stripes the cartridge is clogged, or out of one or more colors.

    If the cartridge is clogged, then soak the nozzles in warm water and try the blot test again. A little warm water in a saucer works fine, you only want to wet the nozzles, keep the rest of the cartridge dry.


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