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So I just go this laptop and i looked at the hardware it has and it looks like it would be enough to play CSS and i really don't want to go buy a new one so i need its wireless to work before i installed windows 7 it had XP and the wireless word but now the wireless isn't so please i need help i think its only a driver problem so here is the model number its a IBM Thinkpad T41 with a Intel® PRO/1000 mt mobile intigrated wireless adapter inside i need to ASAP or i will miss the chance to get it so please help !

thanks again !
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  1. Did you install the driver for the card?

    Use sentences.
  2. frozenlead said:
    Did you install the driver for the card?

    Use sentences.

    ARgggg lol thats what im looking for ! and i cant find the right ones the name of the adapter in on the origenal post so if you can help me find that it would be amazing !

    Thanks again !
  3. Did you visit Lenovo's site? You can download drivers from there.
  4. Yeah i did but i didnt find the right one for the wireless i downloaded every wireless driver there but still nothing arggg
  5. I can't do it for you - you have to enter in your specific notebook specs here:

    You can always use the Intel update utility:
  6. Well thanks for the help guys. looks like i just need to keep looking! zipzoomflyhigh, sorry about the punctuation lol, i didnt know it made such a difference.

    anyway thanks again, how to help you (for a change) sometime soon.
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