I can see my external hard drive in device manager but not disk manager

Hello, I just bought a new ASUS computer with
Windows 7. I have a Macbook Pro and would like to transfer my photos and music onto my new computer. I have 2 external hard drives that work perfectly fine on my mac as well as other PCs. When I plug either of my external hard drives in they are recognized in device manager and say they are working properly but are not recognized in disk manager or under my computer... help!
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  1. Hi

    do your external drives work on any Windows PC ?

    what format is used for external drives ?
    FAT32 & NTFS (Windows compatible)
    Linux or mac format will need a device driver on Windows PC

    Are external drives 3.5" or 2.5" ?
    (some 2.5" drives work OK on PC's without a PSU but have problems on laptops which do not put enough power out to USB ports - 0.5 Amps required in USB spec)

    Mike Barnes
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