Roland Picza PIX-30 3D Scanner

Roland Picza PIX-30 3D Scanner?
I recently bought a Roland ColorCamm PC-600 Color Vinyl Printer/Cutter for my business at an auctions, and in the bottom of the box of supplies with it, we found a Roland Picza PIX-30 3D Scanner. I have NO IDEA what to use it for, but paid good money for the lot and dont want to let it go to waste. I found it online at a Jewelry Supply company for $3400 brand new. Any ideas what its for? (Besides creating accurate 3D models of objects)? What use is it to me? Who would have a use for it? Should I just sell it?
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  1. It stands to reason that a 3D Scanner is used to obtain 3 dimensional scans of Real Objects
    Whether you'd have a use for it or not, is for you to decide, seeing as you havent mentioned what business youre into
  2. I am in Graphic Design. And I dont see a real purpose or need for a 3D Scanner
  3. I used to work at a company that had one. We used it for scanning small ornamental carvings people would send us so we could reproduce them. It isn't made anymore. If it has all the parts, is working and you're willing to let it go fairly cheaply I'd love to have one. Or trade for carved art like on my site at

    Fun find.

    Joe in Oregon
  4. I dont have any need for carved art but you do nice work. I would love to be able to get my investment in the printer and scanner back of $900. If you might know anyone who would be interested please let me know!!
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