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I have XP intalled on my PC, but i also want to have 98, but when i try to install 98, XP tells me it is unable to do it because it is an older operating system.

I have two hard drives, C: is NTFS and on which XP is installed, and D: is FAT32 (which i believe 98 requires).

Now how do I install 98, do i have to start from scratch, wipe everything (including XP), install 98 and then do a clean install of XP? I hope that that is not the only option I have, so if anyone knows how i can install 98 through DOS or some other way, it would be much appreciated.

Note: i want 98 to be installed on D:, not C:, and i have tried to install 98 through DOS, but it attempts to install it on C:, and then of course i get an error saying that the drive is NTFS. Where can i tell 98 setup which drive to install it on, like you can do with XP, because that could fix up my problem.

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  1. <A HREF="http://pro-networks.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=950&start=0&postdays=0&postorder=asc&highlight=" target="_new">How to Install Win98 after you have installed XP</A>

    You'll notice in the instructions that drive C must be FAT32.

    This means you have three options:

    1.) Erase, or low level format the primary hard drive that is jumpered as the Master (that currently contains WinXP) with a manufacturer's disk utility, so that the drive can be repartitioned. Then you can install Win98 on the primary hard drive, and WinXP on the second.

    2.) Jumper each drive as Cable Select. Access the BIOS, and set the slaved hard drive as the bootable device (IDE 1). Temporarily disconnect the primary hard drive (IDE 0) from the IDE cable. Set the primary DOS partition on the slaved drive as active.

    Install Win98 on this drive.

    Reconnect the primary hard drive.

    Hereafter, you will need to select which hard drive is bootable in the BIOS before being able to choose the operating system, as there will be no boot loader menu after the POST. The primary hard drive with the NTFS file system will not be visible from within Win98.

    3.) Install a Boot/OS Management program such as <A HREF="http://www.v-com.com/product/sc7_ind.html" target="_new">System Commander</A>.

    I'd recommend the third option. It's less destructive ... won't require you to reinstall WinXP, and it's the least amount of work.


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