Eyefinity & External HD5770 / HD5870M on a NETBOOK !!

Now this is closer to what we've all been hoping for for a while;

Nice Acer Ferrari model running HAWX with 3 screen Eyefinity with an HD5870M (Mobilized HD5770) card!


:ouch: :o :ouch:

But enough with attavhing these things to weak CPUs and crappy Chassis, just gimme that with a notebook that has a solid high-end Mobile Corei7 CPU and dual HDD bays!! Perfect !! :sol:
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  1. The weak CPU is really the achilles's heel - I don't know what that netbook there has in it, the article doesn't say.

    This kind of thing would be awesome to integrate into normal notebooks themselves - and we can finally have upgradable graphics!

    A core i7 and dual HDDs in a netbook, though, TGGA? Idunno if we'll ever see the day...but maybe!
  2. I'm talking about them moving it to a notebook chassis (16"+ would be nice) so hopefully they would pair it with a i7-920XM. I would hope to see something like that from VooDoo, but it looks like Raul is no longer able to make nice rigs, just the generic Envy models HP likes.

    I just wish smaller integrators, like KN and that would get access/adopt XGP and give us the rigs we're looking for.

    Gimme a core-i7-920XM base and then I could update the graphics every year or so. That would be my perfect rig.
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