OEM Athlon XP 2400+ question

i just bought an OEM version of the AMD Athlon XP 2400+ off price watch, and had a few questions.
first, i noticed rightaway that the place i got it from wrote on it with a marker, right above the AMD logo on the cpu, it says "2400+". i was wondering if anyone knows if thats ok for the processor? its written on the brown area, so its not on any of the little things on it.

second, it also has a sticker on it, on the under-side with all the pins on it, right in the center. the sticker says, "VOID WARRENTY IF REMOVED". do the AMD processors always come with the sticker on them? or did the place i buy it from do that? won't it melt once the computer turns on?

and last, i noticed that there is alittle square mark on the core of the cpu, in the upper right hand corner. i saw a picture on toms hardware with the 2600+ (tbred B) and the 2200+ (tbred A), and the 2200+ had the same mark on it as the 2400+ i just got. is mine the newer tbred B? i was just curious about it.

if anyone can help me answer my questions, i would really appreciate. i am still waiting for a few more parts to come before i build, so any feedback would help me alot.

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  1. So long as they didn't write directly on the center heat island, it should be no problem... Even if they did, just clean it off with a little alcohol and a q-tip.

    I've never seen an XP with a sticker in the middle of the pins. I'd guess the people you bought it from have put it there. Depending on how your motherboard detects CPU temperatures, that sticker might interfere in the readings, but it's very unlikely to burn up.

    The best way to determine what chip you have is through software that interogates the chip and gives you a version number. AMD has their own utility for this, there are others.

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  2. thanks for the post Teq. i am going to put everything together probably by thursday, i wanted to know if anyone else knows if the sticker on the bottom of the CPU is safe or not.
    thanks for any responses!
  3. thanks for the post Teq. i am going to put everything together probably by thursday, i wanted to know if anyone else knows if the sticker on the bottom of the CPU is safe or not.
    thanks for any responses!
  4. you do realize that ALL 2400+ cpu's are thoroughbred B's? simply put, AMD doesn't make 2400+s using the thouroughbred A or Barton core. There shouldn't be a sticker on the button, if it's on the pins, TAKE IT OFF NOW, you'll kill the computer when you install it

    Instead of Rdram, why not just merge 4 Sdram channels...
  5. its not on the pins, its right in the middle on the flat surface. ive bought 2 other OEM AMD 1700+ cpu's in the past and never had this problem. if the company i bought it from doesnt get back to me within 2-3 days, im returning.
  6. That sticker on the bottom was either put there by the company u baught it from or the ppl. who supply the chips to the company u baught it from......

    I put together a system for a friend way back with a Athlon 750 T-Bird and i baught it OEM.....there was a sticker in the spot thats flat in the middle of all the pins that said "Warranty Void if Removed" and i asked them about it, and i asked the computer store about that and they said they put that on all there chips to keep track of them so they know the CPU if returned originally came from that same store, thats why the warranty is void if the sticker is removed....anyways besides that, no, it wont interfere with heat and it wont burn up......its fine......

    The marker written on the CPU wont effect it either....as for the little mark u speak of on the centre of the die...well on the corner of the CPU die...thats been on every single Socket A CPU AMD has ever made, the only thing i can think of is that AMD puts it there like a Watermark would be on some peoples Word documents...its just a trademark, something AMD is known for, thats what ive assumed since the introduction of Socket A CPU's anyways...

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  7. thanks MeTaLrOcKeR!
    i feel alot better now that i know that sticker on it wont damage or get in the way of my new system.
    im just waiting for my new radeon 9700 pro to come in the mail later this week to build it.
    thanks again to all that responded!!

  8. No Problem...

    Have fun....

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