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So I'm looking into getting some headphones for gaming and some music listening
I don't have a amp, and won't be getting one, but I will be getting a soundcard to accompany my new headphones.

I've gotten my search down to

beyerdynamic dt-770 (the 80 ohm model)
Audio technica ad-700

I can't seem to find anything about the dt770's soundstage, but one thing everyone seems to notice about these, is that they're very comfy, and provide very good bass

The ad-700 seems to have a very good soundstage, but shouldn't have a very good bass.

I would also wear the headphones with my ipod when travelling around, and closed headphones would most likely be better so I wouldn't be disturbed. I usually listen to dance/trance/metal/trashmetal

Does anyone know anything about the dt770's soundstage? I would really like some headphones that would make me "cheat" ingame, as in being able to hear the smallest noise and the direction of it.

Which ones should I get, and does anyone have any recommendations?
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  1. well i dont know any headphones that have great soundstage... generally, the better the headphone, the more dynamic range it has, and a bigger soundstage.
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