Athlon XP price/performance comparison

I'm gonna buy AMD for the first time so i don't know much about this, which processor i've to buy, im buying ;

G-B 7VAXP mobo
1 x 256 MB DDR333

is it better to buy 2400+, or to put the brakes and buy a 2000+. I also want to know if more ram is neede for a gaming system. Let me know
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  1. Budget? Get beyond a 2000+ if you can, but focus mainly on buying the best videocard you possibly can. Get a Radeon9700 Pro now or a Radeon9800 Pro when they become available.

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  2. I just ordered an A7N8X with a 2400+ and dual 256MB 400MHz DDR modules for around $375 with shipping, and the proc overclocked beautifully from 2.0 to 2.3 GHz which supposedly makes it around a 3000+ by the PR rating (and faster than a stock Barton I'd bet)

    For me I chose the 2400+ cuz it was where the price break took place, and there was a core switchover around 2400 if I'm not mistaken.

    256 of RAM has run every game I have ever tried, including SimCIty4 which has to be the biggest hog I have ever seen. If nothing else you can always add a second module later when the $$$ is a little more available.

    Last thing I will say though is that putting the money you saved by buying a 2000+ towards a sweeter graphics card will probably make the best gaming system. And if you buy a Barton compatible mobo, you can upgrade just the CPU later when they are cheap as sin.
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