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Well heres the problem, for some time we have had a watchguard firebox
x 2500 and used the MUVPN Software to connect back to our office
network. We have around 100 vpn users which all use this method. They
are also configured to use windows xp sp2 firewall.

This works with basically everything we use other than when it comes
down to changeing there windows password every 90 days, to get this to
work they have to turn off the firewall change the password then
re-enable it. This is ok but we are not sure they are re-enabling the
firewall 100% of the time.

Thus me and my fellow IT team decided to configure the sp2 firewall via
group policy. We got into it and it seemed to good to be true we
configured when the pcs are part of the domain (i.e. plugged into our
LAN) the windows firewall turns itself off and everything is peachy.

Well back to the point of this post, we have configured when the
laptops/desktops are disconnected from our Lan the firewall turns
itself on. We have added all the required application services and
these are working ok, but we still cant change the windows password
every 90 days.

Im just wondering if anyone knows the ports that need to be opened to
change the password over the vpn connection. We know of the security
risk and are only allowing the ports/applications to be opened to our
private lan subnet.
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