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My SONY KDS 60A2000 has a yellow tint to it. I have reaserched extensively on the topic, and there seems to be some major discrepancy between what a "tint" and a yellow haze or blob is. It is not the blob, it encompasses the entirety of the screen equally in all areas and I can even set the colors differently and change green to blue by changing some settings around, but then my grays appear yellow. I have received a message indicator saying that my lamp is low. My question is, has anyone had this problem and found that it can be fixed with a new lamp, or is it for sure the optical block? If someone knows for sure it is the optical block, is there anyway to get a refund from sony? I got this tv very cheap on craigslist hoping i could fix it, I'd hate to end up just giving it away or worse. Thanks in advance,

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    Yes, it is a bad optical block. Sony released a recall on most A2000 models, and all A2020 Series Television sets, and settled a class action lawsuit. I had a buddy get an optical block replaced in 2010 under the suit, but the extention window expired August 2010. You could possibly contact sony, and see if there's anything they're willing to do, but legally, they're exempt from responsibility.

    Sorry man :( They are absolutely incredible TVs.
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