My DVD skip forwards avi files....:(

I bought a brand new Samsung 1080PR DVD player with USB option. I download movies in AVI format and watch them on my 40" Sony BX400. Some times some movies skip till end after half hour playback or one hour playback. same movie I can play in computer without any problem.

Can anyone help me what kind of problem is this.

I use USB to play the movie in DVD player. I use same USB to play movie in computer and its fine. I even play it in Laptop... it works fine.
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  1. Return the unit and buy a different brand. Probably defective.
  2. Did you ever get an answer as I am having same problem
  3. I received a link that Shan7156 had responded to this. However I do not see the reply. Anyone know why this is happening?
  4. i don't have the same unit or brand and havent even tried my divx player with a memory stick,,, HOWEVER,, i found i had alot of issues if i placed the files at the ROOT of the disk -- must always have a folder and place movies in there,, i will even go as far to put in a folder and then put each movie in its own folder with any cover art, subs, etc,, plus if it is multipart, it will end up with a cleaner folder structure.
    hopefully this fixes your issue, if not,, your PC may have an up to date codec, but your divx player does not,, just because it says it can play .avi / divx files, does not mean it can do them all.
  5. I have a liteon dvd recorder attached to my dell computer. If I play the movie on the computer, it plays fine. If I try to play it on my tv, it stops after 30 minutes. One link I found said it might be the dvd-r discs - I usually use Verbatim. So I went out and bought Maxell (recommended) but my dvd-r drive won't even recognize the Maxell ones. I am wondering if it is time to buy a new burner. It is only two years old. Thanks for your info.
  6. your PC will read any of the files just fine cuz its a PC,, but a dvd player operates differently,, try 1 more disc burning or readjust memory stick with proper folder structure and try again.
  7. Thanks.
  8. did it work?
  9. I do download movies into a separate folder, but I don't know how to readjust memory stick. I am waiting for my son to call me back. Thanks again.
  10. I'll skip over the part of downloaded movies and advise you of your issue,,,

    put memory stick into pc, access stick from windows explorer, create folder, drag files into folder
  11. Ok, figured that out by I only have a 1gb memory stick. I'll let you know what happens when I buy a larger one. Thanks for your time.
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