Red and blue hd audio cables?

what do i do. i have a tv with hd video but the audio is red and white. where do i put the blue and red audio hd where to go. put in red and white in tv. will that work
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  1. hd video comes from a single hdmi cable. I have no idea what the blue and red cables are, can you post a picture?
  2. Are you sure they are audio? because there are are composite hd video cables that are red blue and green

    so if you have those three cables, they are all for the video, and red and white are still audio (and separate)

    Does this help? and yes please post pictures if you still have questions
  3. they are composite video stereo cords. i have pluggeds in the video but there are another set of red and blue, i dont know where they go look up Monster Cable GameLink 360 Component Video A/V Cable. :bounce:

    thank you for all your help
  4. Judging from pictures of different types of monster console cables, I'd say that they use blue/white instead of conventional all white for the left analog audio channel. I would plug your cables in like normal: red in red and blue/white in white.

    I think that will work.

    Here's where I looked:
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