Hp a1720n troubleshooting

It locked up, then I turned it off with the power button. When I turned it back on, it started beeping but wouldn't start.

I then read somewhere that the first thing I should do is unplug it, take the side panel off, and see if the fans were working. They were, but they were completely cogged with dust, which I painstakingly cleaned and vacuumed out.

I then started it again, and it wasn't beeping, but it wasn't loading the programs either, it was just kind of sitting there quietly not working.

The F8 button doesn't do anything when I try to start it holding that keyboard button down, and when I turn it off using the power button, it will turn off, but then turn right back on by itself, still quietly not loading anything on my screen

I know it's old, but it has all kinds of cool stuff on it that I want to keep, is there any way to start it and get to my stuff for at least a transfer?


Steve Vien
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  1. Please tell me you didnt use a floor vac extension to clean out the dust?

    If you did, you could have zapped many different items such as mother board, memory, or any cards. Static Electricity is like a .50 cal going through a wild bore. Floor vacumes is a Nuclear Warhead of static electricity.

    By the sounds of your initial troubles... you could have some serious issues. Especially if you had to painstakingly clean and vacuumed it out.
  2. First thing Id check is memory... usually you can find a local computer store that will do it for free.

    If you understand how power works from the power supply to the mother board... that would be the first or second step of troubleshooting.
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