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I am doing a mock research report for a college class and I would like to try to prove that AMD is cheaper than the intel p4 line of processors. Aren't AMD Athlon XP processors better for the low-end or average users? (I am trying to convince the college to go with amd for their lab computers) Currently, the lab computers all have p4 1.8GHz processors running windows2000pro. It would be nice to find a site that compares Athlon XP and Pentium4 (1.8GHz or higher) prices. Im going to try to focus on amd's price/performance ratio being good so i can make a good argument. please help me out if you can
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  1. yes and no.

    The low end Tbred's are very good value.... both in simple $$$ cost and all round performance coupled to inexpensive PC2100 DDR ram and a mobo. (compared to say a celeron P4 system).

    At the high end they are less value for money as the prices are quite steep, especially for the Barton range of CPU's... not worth it compared to the high end tbreds.

    Also the low end tbred's can easily be overclocked significantly... vastly increasing ones Bang/buck.

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  2. AMD CPU`s are way cheaper than intel up until 2400 or 2600. Then they are pretty equal. But another thing you have to take into account is to get equal performance on a P4 you have to spend MUCH MORE on the supporting hardware. Good motherboards for intel cost more and rdram also costs a lot more all to get equal performance to an Athlon. Dont make a decision on just the CPU cost alone. Dont forget to take into account the cost of the motherboard and memory as well. You will find taking into account those factors that even up to the 3000 barton the Athlon is usualy cheaper.

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  3. I dissagree... Yes low end XP's are cheaper and faster than intel equivalents (2100+ and below), but much ober that and AMD looses their edge. The Barton 3000+ is only 50 or 60 CDn cheaper thatn 3.06 HT processor

    AMD is dissapointing me by not maintaining their prices low as they once did.

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  4. I did say the AMD CPU`s lose their edge above the low and mid range and then they pretty much match intel for price. But I also said that when you take the cost of motherboards into account AMD have the price advantage back on their side by a reasonable margin. But you are right the 2400 and above CPU`s are pretty close to intel for price. Only a little bit less. But the motherboards and ram for intel to get the same performance as the Athlon cost a lot more. So that is what makes Athlon cheaper than intel even up to the p4 3.06/barton 3000.

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  5. well put and I would have to say I agree. I havn't been following the new dual channel intel mobos are those looking? As long as I have to put RD ram to make the highend P4s really crank I wouldn't consider them (b/c of the cost of the whole system) - but is there anything on the horizon for P4s that uses DDR and can beat out the AMD setups with DDR?

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  6. Well i'm running Granite bay now and it's pretty sweet. As far as mobos go the prices are comprable when you exclude Granite bay and sis655 mobos... atleast in Canada... Ram is the same assuming we are discussing DDR based systesm. You are right though building a P4 system right will cost you bit more in mobo cash.

    Personally though I find that for top of the line system today it's gotta be intel based. AMD is begining to wear themselves thin. Plus beleive it or not a P4 is soooo much quiter... I was surprised when I plugged in my HSF...

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