TV isn't turning on while connected to PC using HDMI

Hello all!

Sorry for my English, it's not my native language. I have a strange problem, can you please help me... My TV is connected to my PC using the DVI port on the videocard and the HDMI port on the TV (the monitor is plugged in the analog port).

If I turn TV on and turn PC on at the same moment everything is OK. TV is working, picture is high-quality etc. If I turn TV off (while PC is working) and immediately turn it back on, everything is OK too. But if I turn TV off and wait just for a couple of minutes, then I can't turn TV on back at all! The only way to "reanimate" it - unplug the TV power cable, wait for fading of the power indicator on TV panel and then plug the TV power cable back. In that case I can turn TV on again, but if I turn it off - the problem repeats. If I turn PC off, then TV is turning on automatically (looks like a reaction for all attempts to turn it on before). I tried to turn TV on/off from the remote control/TV panel - it's all the same.

TV is working correct . The problem is only turning TV on after switching it off. It seems to me that videocard port/TV is turning off after several minutes of inactivity (like some kind of weird power saving) and it can't be turned on back. I've updated videocard drivers to the newest, tried different TV resolutions - still no luck.

I found no answers at the TV manual and the TV settings (TV sleep mode is off). I configured TV as "second display" and as "TV" (different options in the NVidia settings for some reason). Windows XP power saving options are configured for "always work, don't turn off anything ever". I have no "Power
management" option in "Manage 3D Settings" in the NVidida settings.

My TV: Hyundai H-LCD1912 (19").
Videocard: GeForce 6600.

Please can you tell what should I do?

Thanks beforehand!
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  1. i would think the problem lies with the television and not the computer.

    i know of a setting in the menu (of most tvs, i dont know about yours exactly) that allows the television power on/off to be controlled from your hdmi port. perhaps you could switch this to off and see if you still have issues.

    you could also try testing the television out without having it connected to the computer at all. if you still are able to reproduce the effect then the problem might be something wrong with the television and not just a setting. perhaps hook it up to a dvd player using the same hdmi port that the computer used and see if you can reproduce the problem.

    ultimately you want to (through testing and the process of elimination) find out where exactly the problem is coming from.
  2. Thanks for the answer. I've been told that it's rather common problem when TV is controlled by HDMI from PC. So looks like the only solution is to plug TV using another ports (VGA/RCA/etc).
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