Microphone Volume Too Low

Hello all :)

Ok, I am using XP and the volume is too low. I have all of the volume settings to full, yet the computer will not register sound unless I pull it right up against my mouth.

Any ideas of what the problem is?


P.S. I have heard that this can be a problem if it is plugged into the Line-In rather than the microphone jack... it is plugged into a pink one, is that the microphone jack?
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  1. HI ElectroGofy

    The pink jack on your sound card is the MIC jack . Make sure the connector on the MIC is compatible, meaning that if you put a sterio jack into jack into a mono input you may get some sound and vise/versa . A sterio jack can be identified by two black spacers on the plug a mono jack has one . Read your sound card instuctions to find out what you have.
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