Ddx3216 memory test error

Hello , i got a Behringer DDX3216 with a "MEMORY TEST ERROR"!!!
Does someone know the answer to my problem , so i can fix it?
Greetz P .
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  1. no you can't fix it. take it to the dealer repair center.
  2. Hello thank you for your response.
    Do you know what is causing the error?
    I've called the repair centre but they told me that they never heard of this problem.
    i measured the PSU but it all looks fine and i've checked and re-solder the mainboard.
    Could it be an faulty Eeprom on the mainboard?
    I've searched for a Service Manual but i can't find one!
    greetz Sieske
  3. That's a very sophisticated system that you can't repair with normal test equipment.
  4. Hi

    Have you tried to download the DDX3216 File Exchange-software from the Behringer website?

    I had this problem too, it's fixed now!

    You have to connect the DDX to your computer using MIDI or the com-connection.

    So download the DDX3216 File Exchange software and the latest version of the DDX3216 firmware.
    Unzip the files into one directory on your pc.

    Run DDX3216 File Exchange
    Use "Configuration" to let your pc find the DDX. (choose com or MIDI)

    You'll see 4 windows in this program.
    Find the directory in which you've put the files in the upper right window.
    Select the directory by clicking it ONCE.
    In the lower right window you'll see all the files in that directory.
    Drag the .bex-file into the middle window.
    You'll see an alert pop up which asks if you are sure you want to replace the current settings.
    Click [YES]

    The program will now erase the flash-memory (and all settings!!) from the DDX and replace it with the latest version.
    This takes some time, you'll see a time bar on both screens, pc and DDX

    Good luck!

  5. Hi
    I have 4 of these desks, the error you may be getting is a power failure which I had to rectify on all the desks at some point.

    Each section of the desks has it's own power connector like a motherboard in a PC. basically they have smaller boards that need there own power supply.

    Depending on how the desk was made these can and do come apart, especially when you open the desk up.

    It opens like a clam and if you may not notice the power connectors on the right hand side towards the back. If they were clipped to the chassis they will come apart and you will get different errors as they fail.

    Open up the desk if you feel qualified to do so, or get some one who is and pull of the large multi pin connectors use a tiny bit of Lock tight or similar then reassemble. Do the same for all the power connectors and try get some slack into the cables. Make sure all power connectors are locked up tight.
    Close up the desk and power up watching for any areas without power.

    I have used the desks daily and they were both second hand they play fine now and one of the must be 8 years old!! :D

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