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Hello,my windows cannot detect my windows phone. i found this problem when updated the computers drivers by drivermax software.when i connect the phone to the laptop i hear a beep but nothing happen. i checked device manager but there wasn't any driver inside the portable devices except F:
i also have the same problem with my printer.
But my laptop can detect pen drives.
please help me in solving this problem
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  1. What OS are you using? An up to date Windows 7 OS should recognize a Windows phone?! Have you checked the manufacturer's site to look for a driver? Your printer should have a driver on its manufacturer's site too.
  2. I use windows 7 ultimate and it is update. i also have cd drive for printer. i installed it but still it doesn't work.
  3. i checked Microsoft website and downloaded "fix it" program but it didn't help me.
  4. Nobody knows!!!
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