Windows vista sound hookup schematic

I have no sound windows vista, dell inspiron 531. computer literate since 1983 (DOS) and have myself so confused now, I'm not sure I have all the wires pluged in correctly.

I've tried downloading drivers (waste of money, I think)
I've checked into replacing sound card but been told they don't go out often.

Help :pt1cable:
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  1. The drivers are free, from the manufacturer's website.
    double click the speaker icon in the desktop. (do you see a speaker icon?)
    This brings up the audio mixer and controls (does it bring this up?)
    check all the control settings and volume settings.
    are the speakers plugged into the green jack or headphone jack?
    you must delete existing drivers before installing new ones
    you must turn off the firewall and anti virus before installing new drivers. Then turn the firewall and anti virus back on.
  2. you should never have to pay for drivers. if someone asked for money, then its a scam
  3. it is a scam, drivers are free, and should only be downloaded from the computer or motherboard manufacturer website.
    DO NOT trust other sources.
  4. I must have missed the original email. This is wonderful information and I will follow it to the letter. At the very moment I cannot see a speaker icon on the desktop; in fact I think I'll have to go to my control panel some time tomorrow. I believe I've been through this
    routine on my own. Here's the real deal. I have a power supply plug (among the millions of wires) behind my desk and have no idea what it's for. I should experiment with that too.

    Thanks folks. Gee, this is very nice of you.
  5. I'm relatively certain it's my wiring. What with two phones, fax, fans, clock, radio, etc., behind my desk looks like Snakes on a Plane. I need to set aside some time to unplug everything, rewire, and label each cord (wire). It doesn't do to have one thingy back there that doesn't seem to go to anything, now does it? :o

    BTW, what a wonderful forum.
  6. the plug that's unplugged probably powers your speakers?
    We try in the forum to solve all problems, it's a hobby.
  7. can you tell me exactly how many plugs work the speakers? There is the main, orange one that goes from the main speaker (the one with volume control) to I don't know where!

    There is a power supply from the main speaker that plugs in (got it? power) an electrical outlet. That line turned on the green light! Ta! Da! This power supply turning on the green light doesn't mean anything because when I turn off and turn on, I don't hear that different non-sound one can recognize as powered on but not functioning.

    There is a peach colored plug into the back of the speaker that I've no idea where the other end is, and there is pale green plug back of CPU that I've no idea where the other end of that one is either.

    If I had time to unplug everything and lay it out on the floor I know I could figure it out but I'm 70 years old and it will be an all day project. I intend to do just that soon here.

    By the way, I still have this extra power supply looking thingy taped to my desk (Heaven forbid it get loose in the tangle).

    I can't pick one of you as the best, I'm sorry! You have all been wonderful in your attempts to not only fix my wiring but in touching base with me to remind me you are here.

    I have a small business management firm out of my home, thus the shortage of uninterrupted periods of time. Soon! Soon!

  8. If you have the make and model, I can try to find you the diagram.
  9. :bounce: Wow! How exciting. I have the generic Dell Inspiron 531, no ups, no extras. It's 2+ years old (I think)

    This is the best web site in the world.

  10. Just saw the note below saying go to HOME AUDIO. I will, I will. I get back to y'all; if not, please remind me.

    Thanks again
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