Need info for new LCD monitor 22-23 inches.


I'm looking forward to buy a new LCD monitor (for gaming mainly).

I currently use a Samsung 931BF (19"). The max resolution is 1280x1024 and it fits my need for the moment. However, i'm planning to buy a new computer in the coming months (2-3 months). New computer will probably be a bit above average spec, like GT275, either i7 or AM3 Phenom etc. So i guess i'll be able to put the resolution up to 1920x1080 and maybe more.

My budget is quite open, let's say between $200-$350 and the size i'd like to have is 22-23 inches. I can go for 24 but i think it's way too big for me hehe. I wanted a 1920x1080 resolution at least, but maybe 1920x1200 is better (is it ?). Besides that the rest is pretty standard.

I can't complain about the Samsung I have but i'm willing to try another brand (like Dell).

Looking forward for your inputs !

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  1. In that price and size range, I'd get a Dell Ultrasharp 2209WA. It doesn't meet your resolution criteria, but it's by far the best looking monitor below $500 or so in my opinion.
  2. You could give the Asus VW246H a shot for $220.

    Here's my review of the VK246H. Same monitor but with a built in webcam. It is pretty detailed. My last post in that thread has a link to a more official and detailed review.

    In a nutshell:

    - Cheap (especially when I bought it in 2008)
    - Low input lag (<2ms; not to be confused with response time).
    - HDMI port
    - Neglible Ghosting
    - Good enough to watch movies

    - Cheap (everything is plastic)
    - Only has tilt
    - Pathetic speakers (just like all built-in speakers)
  3. The Dell 2209WA looks interesting but like you said, the resolution isn't going to 1920x1080. Though, it has an IPS panel (i just know it's better than a TN panel hehe).

    I don't want built-in speaker and, that means they had to sacrifice something to fit them in and same thing for webcams hehe

    So what's your opinion on 1690x1050 gaming ? Is it going to look better on higher resolution or the important is just to play on the monitor's native resolution ?
  4. As I stated, the Asus VW246H is the same as the VK246H, but without the built-in webcam.

    As for built-in speakers, they probably adds $5 - $10 to the overall cost to you (that's the sacrafic). It is very good for gaming since it has less than 2ms of input lag. I noticed very little (if any) ghosting when I was testing it.
  5. 1680x1050 gaming is good, honestly, and I'd take the higher picture quality over the higher resolution. Some people would disagree with that. You do want to always try to play on the native resolution of the monitor - that does make a difference in picture quality.
  6. No input on the Samsung 2233RZ ?

    I've read good reviews around pretty much, especially about gaming on it hehe
  7. The Samsung XL2370 is a good looking monitor, 2ms, 1920x1080, 50,000:1, $270-300. rates it editors choice and pureoverclock rated it highly. The ASUS VH236H has much the same specs for N.E $179 and the VW246H for $220.
    I find that anything much over 24" you start to see the pixels and at 32" it is a little more difficult to see all of the game action at once if you are sitting 2' to 3' from the monitor. May just be my old eyes.
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