Visible line in computer screen

I have two visible lines going from top to bottom on my LCD computer screen. I have Dell 9300 inspiron. What should I do? And what is the cause?
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  1. Sounds like damage to the screen. But in case it isn't, connect an external monitor to the Dell and if the problem persists on that try playing with Windows video settings.
  2. It can be a video-card malfunctioning (which can be checked by doing what fihart suggested), or a problem with the specific monitor.

    Also if it is a problem of the monitor it can be caused by two things:

    1) Got a pretty hard blow.

    2) A manufacturing problem that caused it. (When I first got my monitor it has 4 pixels in the screen that were really annoying, a technician sent by the manufacturer came, took the faulty monitor and gave me a new one.)
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