Which AMD 2800 is better?

Hey guys, I am Building a PC right now But I cannot decide which AMD Processer to get!
(I have never had an AMD, I always been an Intel person, Right now I have a 1.8 GHz P4 and I am looking torwards a 1 ghz upgrade)

Which one is faster and could someone tell me what it does on an Intel scale ? (With no overclocking)

- 2.25GHz (AMD 2800+)
- 2.08GHz (AMD Barton 2800+)

And What kind of Motherboard would be good for this processor? (that uses DDR Memory)
Also How much of a boost does cache do instead of MHz/GHz?

Thanks guys!

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  1. The T-bred is probably the best choice (it´s the one clocked higher). Extra cache - for AMD processors at least -doesn´t really have THAT much of an impact.

    On the high end, though, you could get a well-performing Intel CPU as well. It might cost you a hundred dollars more, though... AMD is still way more cost-efficient, except for above 2.8Ghz. The 2800+ is roughly equivalent to the 2.8Ghz P4... The 3.06Ghz is unbeatable, even by the 3000+, but it´ll also cost you lots of money. Your best bet, then, would be the 2800+, 2.25Ghz Athlon XP with a nForce2-based mobo and dual channel DDR333 or DDR400.
  2. 2.25GHz (AMD 2800+) is better

    MSI K7N2-L will be good for basic features. Costs only ~$90 to $95.

    MSI K7N2G-ILSR will be best if you need all possible features you can get from a mobo. It costs ~$130 to ~$135. Plus it's onboard audio is better than Audigy

    Performance of both mobos are same. They are the fastest Athlon mobo now. It's recommended to use a nForce2 mobo with Dual DDR (2 sticks, istead of 1) to get best possible performance.

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  3. hmm.... I already got the ram. I have Two Stick's of: Centon: 512 MB - DDR 266

    Those any good?

    (BTW Thanks alot for your reply, helped alot :)
  4. If you use them, your comp has to run async between CPU and RAM (333/266), and it would take performance hit. Get at least PC2700 (DDR333).

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  5. A7N8X only runs "Dual DDR" for 400mhz (PC3200).

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  6. Quote:
    A7N8X only runs "Dual DDR" for 400mhz (PC3200).

    This is an incorrect statement. It supports up to and including PC3200 in Dual channel DDR.
  7. yeah dual channel mode is not affected by memory speed

    and for the guy with ddr266, who makes your ram? (maybe you already said it but i don't remember it)
    if you don't want to buy new ram, try setting the timings really relaxed and increasing vdimm to like 2.7V
    that might get you to ddr333, depending on the quality of the sticks

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  8. Yeah, but relaxing the timings to OC your RAM will probably just get you the exact same performance in the end. I don't think that there'd be a point.

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  9. I've no idea if Centon is any good or not, but 1GB, good or not, is certainly nothing to sneeze at.

    You could just aim for a slightly slower Athlon with a 266MHz FSB.

    Or you could get a P4 and a Granite Bay chipset.

    Both options would allow you to use your RAM optimally with the CPU.

    Otherwise yeah, you'd probably want to upgrade your RAM sometime in the future to at least PC2700. You don't have to, but it generally is a noticable performance hit to run the RAM slower and asynch.

    <font color=blue><pre>If you don't give me accurate and complete system specs
    then I can't give you an accurate and complete answer.</pre><p></font color=blue>
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