Dead laptop. What is my next step?

My brother's laptop (HP G50-112NR) has become unresponsive. It is a year old and he has not exactly been easy on the laptop. Certain keys on the keyboard went out months ago and he has been using an USB keyboard to type. This week, he pulled out the keyboard's plug with a bit of force (kids got a temper) and some of the pins from inside the USB port with it. Anytime after that, whenever he plugs anything into that port the laptop turns off. He claims this went on for a few days and now thing is completely dead. I've pulled the CMOS battery and also tried the "30 second reset power" trick but I still get nothing.

What else can I try before taking the think apart to look for physical damage to the mainboard?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. How did you pull the CMOS battery without already taking it apart? Unless it was exposed somehow..

    Anyway, the next step is to take the thing apart and replace the USB port. It's pretty easy to do with a soldering iron and some solder. You can get the port off the internet or just steal one from another USB device - perhaps one that's broken. Then you can try and power her back up.
  2. Sorry, should have clarified that. The CMOS battery is right next to the HDD. I just removed the HDD panel and pulled it out. I've never completely pulled apart a laptop. Should be interesting......

    Can a damaged USB port prevent power from going to the mainboard?
  3. If it's shorting out, yes, the board won't boot at all.
  4. If he has multiple usb ports, you can try pulling that usb port out without taking the laptop apart. So if upon closer inspection, the broken port looks to have the inside parts touching the outside parts, simply use some needle nose pliers and break off the inside piece. Obviously this will destroy the port but if all your trying to do is get it to boot, this "may" prevent the short circuit and allow him to use another port.

    It goes without saying that this is not a fool proof plan of attack and should only be tried at your own (or his) risk
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