How to use digital adapter as a splitter?

I pay for my rogers cable, i want a adapter that will allow me to work like a splitter so I can receive m PAID for digital signals but use my own remote for my 2 tv's?

Any thoughts?
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  1. If you mean you wan to tune two different channels on two TVs with one cable box, can't. Need a separate cable box on each TV.
  2. Correct, but i'm wondering if I put a splitter out of the adapter that goes to both tv's. I should be able to program the digital remote for either tv, but you would only be able to watch the same channel on both tv's. HHmmmm I will let you know.
  3. If you want to split the signal to get the same program on both TVs, that is doable. Just do a web search for whatever connection you are using for a splitter box.
  4. I'm going to try it with an ordinary coaxial cable splitter - and will see if that works.
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