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I'm a complete novice with computers but I've managed to find 2 that I'm interested in. I'm looking for the ultimate gaming machine with a budget of £1800.

I'm hoping someone can tell me which of these 2 PCs will run games the best. I'd like to run games like Crysis 2 on max settings.

Also, which is the best for further updating and customisation in the future?

It's a lot of money so I just want to make sure I'm buying the right system first.

Thank you for your help.
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  1. don't order a system pre made from a site. they use 3rd party cheap parts and for gaming you don't want *** parts. also stay away from ibuypower, alienware, or any others they are put together by minimum wage factory techs who don't actually care about your computer. if you have no experience do this.... buy a well made high power consumer PC. and upgrade the graphics card. wallah you have a gaming computer, and you only had to change one part. and if you dont know how to, im sure you can pay a computer technician to do it for under 50. good luck!!
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